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Welding Supplies

Check out our range of Welding Supplies

A successful welding job combines skilled labour and the right type of equipment. Lock8 has a wide range of welding supplies readily available for you.


Essential Welding Supplies We Offer

Screens and FireblanketsWelding requires strict safety measures compliance. We provide top-notch welding screens and blankets that protect workers, by-standers, equipment and those in close vicinity from UV flashes, radiation, splatter and sparks. 


Welding Gas CylindersWelding gas is used to shield the weld from unwanted chemical reactions and to control the look and strength of the weld. Choose from oxygen, acetylene, MIG mix, inert gas and propane LGP cylinders depending on your welding projects. 


MIG Guns and PartsOur MIG guns provide unmatched accuracy and easy handling. We also supply highly durable parts for your MIG guns. Choose Lock8 to source highly efficient MIG guns.


Cutting and Heating TorchesOur cutting and heating torches facilitate top-class precision and are easy to handle.


Regulators and Hoses A welding regulator controls the release of pressurised gas and delivers the desired gas pressure to the welding torch. Lock8 is a proud supplier of top-quality welding regulators and high-standard hoses.


Check our extensive range of welding supplies below for more products.