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Welding Gas Supply - Welding Gas Cylinders  | Tanks

Welding gases are used for:  

  • Shielding the welding arc from air, dust or other gases that are present in the atmosphere
  • Heating metal through the use of Acetylene Propane, and other Flammable Gases
  • Removing gases from the welding joint to prevent oxidation, discoloration or corrosion.

At Lock8, we offer various types of high-quality welding gases.


Types of Welding Gases We Offer 


Oxygen: Oxygen is a necessary raw material in welding. In combination with acetylene, oxygen generates a high amount of heat required to cut heavy metals like iron and steel. 


Acetylene: Acetylene is a type of fuel majorly used for welding and cutting purposes due to its explosive nature. It combines with oxygen to produce an intense flame.


Mig Mix Gas: Carbon dioxide, argon, oxygen and helium are the most common shielding gases in MIG welding. A blend of argon and carbon dioxide is considered the best option for MIG welding.


You should be concerned when being offered "special mixes" which typically are just a standard gas combination available by any gas supplier.


Inert Gas: In welding, the two inert gases used are argon and helium. Inert gas protects the weld area from atmospheric gases which otherwise may impair the weld quality. Hydrogen inclusion in the weld puddle causes many problems.


Propane LPG: Propane LPG gas provides high heat combustion but lower flame temperature than, for instance, acetylene. It is also relatively cheaper than other welding gases. In all actuallity, propane has a higher BTU rating than Acetyene. The most BTU offered in an acetylene tip is around 300,000 btu/hrs. There are many reasons for this, but it is a topic all of its own. Propane commonly can supply up to 1,000,000 BTU. Some torches are designed to cut through 36-48" thick materials


Most of our cylinders are not listed below, but Lock 8 carries a full line of industrial gases to supply jobsites with hundres of workers, or just a small industrial shop with a few workers. All of our clients are important.