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Welders & Other Site Equipment

Explore our collection of welding machines and other welder equipment.

We offer a wide range of Stick-tig, MIG, and multi-process welding machines. You can also source equipment like engine drives and multi-operator welding packs.



The Stick-TIG welding process uses a tungsten electrode. This non-consumable tungsten electrode, along with gas mixture and filler material ensures top-quality welding. We offer everything you need for stick-tig welding under one roof. 


Mig stands for Metal Inert Gas and is a common arc welding process. Purchase some of the best MIG welding machines and welder equipment in the market with Lock 8.


Multi-process welding machines and welder equipment are ideal for scenarios with dynamic conditions. Our wide range of multi-process machines and equipment can adapt to varying workpiece thicknesses, and different base metals, and deal with specialized joints.