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Welding Accessories

 High-Quality Welding Accessories 

Apart from high-end welding machines, a successful operation also requires quality welder accessories such as pliers, chipping hammers and more.


Here are the types of welding accessories we offer:

Gas Grabber: Welding gas cylinders tend to be quite heavy. Thus, in order to save your back while lifting and transportation, gas grabbers are used. These devices can be clipped onto the cylinder to facilitate lifting.

Chipping Hammers: Slag formation during welds is a common occurrence, and chipping hammers are used to remove this unwanted deposit.

Rod Holders: Rod holders are important pieces of equipment designed to hold electrodes during the welding process, offering better control over the arc.

Power Brushes: Also known as a welding brush, a power brush removes dust and corrosive elements, preventing the welded metal from facing further contamination.

Welding Pliers: From removing spatters during a weld, extracting the nozzle and loosening its tip, to simply cutting wires, reliable welding pliers can perform all these tasks with ease.